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About Sacred Moments Holistic Birth Services


A little bit about me: My name is Mary Juhl.  

I am a Bible Believer and a Believer and follower of Yeshua (Jesus), and am passionate about learning to walk in His footsteps and observing the Torah as He did. I am passionate about Biblical Womanhood and learning to embody the type of Woman that the Holy Spirit leads me to be!

I am a Wife, Homeschooling Mama, Homemaker, Holistic Doula for Homebirthing and Freebirthing families, and Student Midwife.

I love learning and sharing all things physiological birth, nourishing postpartum, biblical womanhood, holistic health, homebirth, herbalism and so much more! 

I became passionate about physiological birth and birth work after I had my first son, in what turned out to be a very traumatic hospital birth turned cesarean. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum was a huge challenge for me and I KNEW that this wasn’t what it was supposed to be like. I eventually started attending homebirths as a doula, and went on to have my own beautiful first homebirth 2 years after having my first son. I have now had 2 VBAC homebirths and a now a midwifery student with the goal of becoming an autonomous traditional midwife. I feel so grateful to have been called by the Lord to autonomous birth work. I am so honored to walk with women during the most sacred of times!

If any of these things resonate with you and you feel called, you can reach out to book a session or a free consultation! I am happy to answer any questions you might have. 


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Homebirth Doula/ Birthkeeping Services 

Birth work is my biggest passion! I believe that as women, it is our birth right to have an undisturbed autonomous physiological birth in our power that the system so often tries to take away. It is my goal to serve women in a holistic way while always following the Lords lead! To provide tools, information, and support however that feels best for each person in their individual situation. 
It is my honor to walk alongside families on this beautiful journey, during pregnancy, birth and postpartum!

Pricing and what my Doula care includes:

-2 prenatal visits

-Unlimited text/phone/email support from the moment I’m hired until 8 weeks PP

-Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum education 

-Prenatal Stretching and Body Movement sessions

-Mother’s Blessing Ceremony 

-Hand made herbal products (baths, teas, oil rollers, tinctures, etc.)

-Assistance creating your birth plan 

-Support during labor and birth as wanted/needed for your specific situation. (Counter pressure, rebozo, massage, physical support if/as desired, making sure parents stay fed and hydrated, prayer, holding space, etc.)

-Photos of labor and birth (if desired)

-Staying a few hours after the birth to help with what’s needed (Breastfeeding, postpartum meal, siblings, light cleaning, making sure y’all are settled and comfortable)

-Providing resources 

-2 postpartum visits

-Birth story debriefing session

-1 postpartum freezer meal 

-1 postpartum herbal bath blend 

-Gift basket


Postpartum Doula Package:

-Breastfeeding assistance 

-Postpartum meal 

-Light Cleaning 

-Help with Siblings 

-Help with baby while parents rest (if desired)

-Postpartum Herbal Support 

-Sitting, listening and praying with you

-Unlimited text/phone access for 12 weeks 

-Emotional Support for parents 

-Birth Story Debriefing sessions

-Borrowing Postpartum Books from my lending library 

(More or less depending on what you’re wanting for your specific situation)

$30-$35 an hour, with a minimum of 10 hours.

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Client Testimonials 

“I truly don’t know what I would have done without Mary at my free birth. When I called her, I felt like I was the only person on Earth that mattered. She was so attentive, anticipated nearly every need instinctively, and was so calm and patient. She was so great with my other children, took charge when necessary, and hung back when she sensed that’s what I needed. I felt like no matter what happened, she would have had it under control. Her presence in the birth environment was both calming and empowering. Even when things progressed more quickly than I was ready for, and even when I started to become anxious, she was such a steady anchor for me. I felt respected, revered, and capable, thanks to her presence.”

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